The use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices has grown rapidly over the last decade, allowing consumers to become constantly connected. Despite the enormous market potential, the mobile experience that many organizations provide is nothing less than painfully slow -- a definite negative in the impatient world of the web. Content delivery network (CDN) provider Cotendo (newssite) has announced an offering that might help. Cotendo has announced an extension of its web acceleration service, the Mobile Acceleration Suite (MAS), that can significantly reduce page load times on mobile devices. 

Fast Sites Everywhere

Users don’t like slow sites, no matter what device they are using to browse a site. Slow loading reduces customer conversions and engagement. According to Cotendo, use of the Mobile Acceleration Suite can result in up to a 33% performance improvement for delivering content without having to modify the original site. MAS applies optimizations to speed mobile content delivery at the logic, content and network layers. Cotendo’s web acceleration software is used by many demanding web applications, and although the mobile optimization service was just announced, it is already in use at a number of Cotendo’s existing customers.

Cotendo’s newest solution supports all types of content, including highly dynamic sites that are challenging for content delivery networks (CDNs) and even specialized mobile solutions to support. Mobile content may vary by device type, user profile, location or cellular network. Truly optimizing the mobile experience requires consideration of a multitude of factors such as device capabilities, network conditions and storage size. MAS is aware of device, network, location and context, enabling the tool to make informed decisions regarding content optimization.

Despite the technical complexity of managing mobile content, Cotendo has also made its technology easy for customers. No applications changes are required on the website application side. In addition, the company provides a web-based portal to manage MAS and other Cotendo offerings. The portal provides a detailed real-time view of traffic volumes, site usage patterns, and associated costs. MAS also integrates with the company’s other content acceleration solutions -- a key benefit for organizations that are seeking a holistic content acceleration solution. MAS offers:

  • Optimized reliability and performance over inconsistent connections
  • Dynamic Content Acceleration for personalized and adapted content, with accelerated SSL and object caching
  • Modifications that optimize source content for mobile devices
  • Mobile logic optimizations that “forward deploy” key cloud logic and data

Cotendo Gets a $17 Million Investment

In addition to the mobile acceleration, Cotendo has also announced the completion of a US$ 17 million private funding round. Cotendo says the influx of cash will be used to provide even more innovative solutions for delivering content quickly. The company has an impressive list of supporters like new business partners Citrix and Juniper networks. Cotendo also plans on plans on expanding its operations across Asia and Latin America where consumers are more likely to have a smartphone to access web content instead of a PC.

As Internet access on mobile devices continues to grow, more prolific organizations will begin seeking innovative solutions to ensure customers have a positive experience across all delivery channels, and Cotendo hopes that it will be on that list.