Harmon.ie is giving BlackBerry 10 users access to Office 365 and SharePoint both online and offline.

BlackBerry10, harmon.ie

The newOffice Web Apps functionality was announced at the BlackBerry Experience Forum in New York and provides the kind of business connectivity that might help revive BlackBerry’s failing fortunes.

Using a new app called harmon.ie Connect -- BlackBerry 10 Edition, users will be able to connect to Office 365 from their BB10 as easily as they can from their desktops.

BlackBerry10, Office 365

This will offer workers a collaborative experience and access to their work processes through the BlackBerry interface, which effectively gives BlackBerry users the work resources they need including team management abilities and document management through Office 365. Among the key features you get:

  • Web Apps: Access to all the Office 2013 Web apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • SharePoint metadata support: Basic records and knowledge management through easy access to SharePoint metadata for documents and email
  • Contacts, calendar: Full SharePoint calendar and contacts integration with calendar sync available through phone
  • File Manager: Enables secure offline document support and management.
  • Search integration: SharePoint search from BB10.

If BlackBerry was looking for a way to ensure that BB10 stays relevant in an increasingly competitive mobile market place, especially one where Bring-Your-Own-Device strategies are becoming more and more common, then an app that provides access to SharePoint and other productivity tools is a good way to go about it.

Learning Opportunities

SharePoint is the most requested business application after email, and to be enterprise-ready, it must be secure,” said Martyn Mallick, VP Global Alliances & Business Development at BlackBerry. “With harmon.ie providing access to SharePoint on top of BlackBerry's secure mobile infrastructure, business customers can get an enterprise-class solution. This is another example of BlackBerry supporting the evolution of mobile communications to mobile computing.”

It is hard to know how well BlackBerry 10 has done since its launch at the end of January and it probably won’t be until the end of this month when RIM publishes its results that we will get a better idea.

Harmon.ie was one of a number of partners announced to provide app specifically for the BlackBerry 10. It is now in Beta.

More on this when RIM publishes its results. In the meantime, if you’re interested in more on the BB10 as a business device check out the video below.