Because there aren't enough 2.0s out there already, Akmin just launched version 2.0 of its mobile site builder mobiSiteGalore. And it's got lots of new features! (Here is where Club Web 2.0 lifts the Kool-Aid up for another toast.)The existing mobile site builder now includes what we'd typically call new features, but it would be more apt to call them stock components of the mania, those being:* Customizable forms* Mobile payment components* Add Audio and Video Clip capability* Click-to-call (watch out, Skype)* Auto-redirect to PC-websites* An image editorThat's just scraping the surface. Like SPA for SharePoint and JumpBox for open source, mobiSiteGalore helps novices build full-featured and professional mobile websites on their own -- in minutes, the default time frame for such offerings. It even costs the same as the typical 2.0 miracle that purports to make layman's work of complex fare: nothing. The solution is also multilingual, enabling users to build sites in Spanish, German, French, Italian, English, Dutch and Chinese.In all seriousness though, the offering is pretty neat as we haven't seen any such similar feature for the mobile platform, and goodness knows companies are hurting to develop mobile compatibility for their sites. (Sun Microsystems is actually on top of its game in this regard.) And despite its similarity to other 2.0 must-haves (because Silicon Valley can afford to purchase muses wholesale), mobiSiteGalore actually can afford to throw its weight around, as it's well known for its strict adherence to W3C's Mobile Best Web Practices guidelines. This makes them the world's first standards-compliant mobile site design tool.Akmin CEO Prashanth says, “Delivering mobiSiteGalore 2.0 in such a short span is our way of showing the commitment that we have to the mobile web revolution. [...] It was [the] enthusiasm and response [of users and partners] that had driven us to release this feature-packed version in less than 7 months of our initial launch. By the way, we have already started work on the next version.”If you're so inclined, watch a movie featuring the newly added mobiSiteGalore features.Parent company Akmin is an ISO 9001:2000 certified leading provider of online sitebuilding Web CMS solutions. They serve over 1,250 service providers across more than 45 countries. Get to know them.