Opera Mini 6.5 Available, Saves Up to 90% of Mobile Data Usage
Smartphones and tablets are now a mainstay in the enterprise setting, and yet most carriers are moving toward capped bandwidth plans rather than unlimited schemes. With media-rich websites resulting in soaring data costs, a business' or user's best bet is to minimize data consumption through compression. The Opera Mini 6.5 release promises to save up to 90% of bandwidth.

Mobile Going Mini

Opera maintains two forks of its mobile web browsers: Opera Mobile and Opera Mini. While both variants have versions that work with most popular smartphone (and tablet) platforms, the main difference is how these browsers gain  access data. Opera Mobile is more of a full-scale browser, which formats websites for optimal view on small screens. Opera Mini, meanwhile, has Opera's famed cloud-based compression always turned on.

This is the same compression that Opera Turbo provides on the desktop version, although size reduction is more aggressive with Opera Mini, taking into consideration limited bandwidth plans and limited smartphone memory. Websites are actually processed via Opera's servers in the cloud and transcoded before being transmitted to the mobile device.


Opera Mini 6.5 for Android

But just how many kilobytes or megabytes are you saving? The latest 6.5 release now includes a built-in data usage log, which lets you keep track of your data consumption while browsing the web.

Learning Opportunities

The new browser now enables consumers to keep better track of data costs when surfing the Web. By saving up to 90% of data cost, Opera Mini lets you save money and more."

Other features include the following:

  • Decoding of WebP images from Opera Mini servers
  • Ability to add bookmarks to home screen
  • Importing of system bookmarks
  • Protocol setting is now available again
  • UI refresh fixes on Android 3.x Honeycomb
  • Hybrid UI fixes
  • Performance and stability fixes

Now Available

Opera Mini 6.5 has been available on the Android platform since mid-October, and users have been enjoying the feature updates, especially the browsing data counter. Opera has made the latest version available for other platforms as well, covering major platforms such as iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian and J2ME. Meanwhile, Android users also get an incremental update, with Opera Mini 6.5.1, which comes with crash and stability fixes, particularly with bookmarking pages, importing system bookmarks, download view and adding shortcuts to the home screen.

Opera Mini is available for download through m.opera.com or through your mobile platform's application store.