Platformic (news, site) helps keep your company site up-to-the-minute by allowing content to be added from wherever you are.

Get Blogging From the Frontline

We know that users prefer sites that are updated more often. So, while there are lots of existing ways to get mobile content uploaded onto a site, site builders are adding their own tools for a unified process.

Platformic's Mobile Blogging Tool helps Platformic 3.0 users in this respect. Allowing a company's front page to be updated from the trenches of corporate events, symposia and other locations. 

The feature allows text, images and video to be uploaded. This can help set the scene on a new company launch, provide personal insights at a massive event or just keep regular updates while company staff are on the road.


Updating sites from mobiles keeps getting easier

Mobile Blogging Tool users log on to their main Platformic service. Text can be added directly to the blog while images and video can be sent in using an assigned email address. When you create add your text to your blog entry, simply associated an images or video from the media library, including those you recently emailed.

The feature primarily supports iPhone and BlackBerry users, but is compatible with other phones via a Web browser.

Be a Good Sport

With many media clients, Platformic is promoting this heavily as a way to add color to sporting and other events through roving reporters. Editors back at base can step in and apply corrections or changes using the full Platformic system or from their own mobile device.

The full Platformic Web creation platform and Web CMS enables web makers to keep the site updated and fresh, with mobile content just the latest addition.