It shouldn’t be too surprising that users don’t like slow websites no matter where they are viewing the content. As increasing numbers of users gain access to sites via mobile devices, there has been increased interest in making delivery of web content faster and more reliable. A startup, Rigor (news, site), which launches today, might be able to help.

A Faster Mobile Web

Research firm IDC predicts mobile Web access via laptops and smart mobile devices will overtake desktop Web within the next five years. Given those adoption rates, organizations are focusing more closely on the performance of their web applications. Why? Better-performing mobile sites can mean more visitors and better search engine visibility.

Rigor, which launches today, hopes it can make managing mobile performance for site owners a little less of a black art. The startup will offer a set of tools that include performance testing, monitoring and diagnostics. The tools allow site administrators to set up monitors to track the performance impact changes.

If a change has a negative impact on performance the software immediately provides an alert -- complete with diagnostic details -- so that it can be addressed. This feedback allows issues to be resolved before customer experience is affected, which could affect revenue. Rigor’s tools simplify administration because, once tools are implemented, customers can get a holistic view of web, mobile web, web service APIs and SaaS platform performance , something many operational teams struggle with.

Attracting Attention

Companies are already taking notice of the young startup. According to Rigor, its client base includes organizations of all sizes from Fortune 100 to startups. And it hopes to acquire some additional funding to expand operations.

If you are interested in using Rigor, the company is offering a 30-day free trial account so  users can experience the features. The company offers a pay-as-you-go plan with no long-term commitment with packages beginning at $250 per month and going to $3,000 per month.