WebEx Comes to iPhone

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Cisco brings WebEx to the iPhone

Web-based meetings are certainly nothing new. The problem with web meetings is, despite the convenience of being able to meet with others a world away, you are still tied to your office usually.

With WebEx for iPhone you no longer need to stay late on a Friday for a meeting you can attend from the golf course or the comfort of your home.

Cisco, the network and data powerhouse, has released its celebrated application WebEx as an application for the iPhone. For those unfamiliar with WebEx, it is an application for holding web-based meetings and making it available for the fastest growing mobile device out there is just smart progress.

Making Meetings Mobile with WebEx

WebEx for the iPhone offers basically the same features as the full web-based versions and is offered for free as an iPhone app. And with the many other services like this, you can share files, do screen shares, have audio available and more. To access a meeting, attendees will simply need to click an iPhone link that they are provided with. The meeting administrator will still have to have a WebEx account.

Cisco’s WebEx comes to the iPhone

Two Views of WebEx for the iPhone

Learning Opportunities

This is far from the only things that WebEx is capable of. Other features include:

  • See who joined the meeting: Whether you are administrating the meeting or just a participant, you can see who else is present.
  • Participate in individual or group chat: Have side conversations, work out problems and more while you chat individually or to the entire group.
  • Adjust audio: Can’t hear the presenter? Turn it up some.
  • 3G and Wi-Fi capability: WebEx for the iPhone is both 3G and Wi-Fi capable so that you can ensure you make your meeting wherever you are.

Check out the video for a preview of WebEx for the iPhone:

This is exciting news for the busy traveler (especially, the marketer or PR person who is having to host webinars regularly) or the upper level exec who simply doesn’t want to stay in the office until 6 PM on a Friday.

So Cisco moves to the iPhone and others are sure to follow suit soon. But with Cisco’s reputation and the widespread use of the already established web version, WebEx for the iPhone may just become the mainstream virtual meeting house for everyone. Will Adobe’s ConnectNow be the next to make the jump to the iPhone?