The hardworking community of Drupal wonks have been, well, working hard. Less than three weeks after Drupal 5.0 Beta 2 was out the door, along comes Release Candidate 1. Along with all fatal bugfixes complete, RC1 also includes a CSS preprocessor which promises to help speed up page rendering, especially under heavy server loads. Also, some of the most popular contributed modules, like CCK and Views have successfully been upgraded to work with Drupal 5. Modules like Image and Image Assist are actively being worked on and should be ready in time for the final release. The full list of 123 fixes since beta 2 is available here. So get busy people, its time to start installing or upgrading -- not on production servers mind you -- and get those plugins and themes upgraded already. The Drupal team is putting their money where their mouth is (not heeding their own advice!) and upgrading drupal.org to RC1 this week.