Guess there's nothing wrong with making a little dosh with your open source sweat 'n tears. eZ Systems, recent winner of the cmf2006 Web Idol Award, has announced that it will bundle its original Open Source CMS software, eZ Publish, with a plethora of new setup and maintenance services for a tidy fixed price. The result is eZ Publish Now, an harmonious marriage between the familiar eZ Publish tools and the convenience of a bunch of helping hands.“We believe that users of Enterprise Content Management solutions will profit from standardization and commoditization,” explains Aleksander Farstad, eZ Systems CEO. “With the release of eZ Publish Now, we are taking it further by adding reliable services on top of [the original] software. This keeps maintenance costs low and predictable.” eZ Publish features a clean front-end editing interface. Its core functionalities cover the bulk of Web CMS scenarios, including multilingual content management, re-use of existing information assets, content quality assurance, browser-based WYSIWYG authoring tools, and the ability to import content from a user's preferred office suite. An additional asset is eZ Publish Now's cluster support system for high-performance environments. Packages start at USD 2790 Stateside and 1,950 EUR in the EU. Developers may choose from four packages, but all include automatic updates and patches for previous security problems and nasty bugs. Differences include a couple of hosted on-demand solutions, and length of response time for support help. Waits could range from one hour to three days in complex cases, so would-be users may want to consider a premium option. eZ Systems and its partners also provide customization for the packages upon request. eZ Systems was founded in 1999, is based in Norway, has operations in Germany, Ukraine, Denmark, Canada and France, and boasts one of the shortest domain names in the business (ez.no). The eZ Systems team -- or the "eZ Crew" as they prefer to be called -- focus on combining Open Source innovations with strategies from traditional software enterprises. They work with businesses and non-profits of many shapes, sizes, and smells.