Joomla has just announced a release of the new version of subscription component JContentSubscription (JCS) 1.5.8.For those who don't know, the Joomla extension JCS allows users to prohibit access to any part of a component (i.e. website) on a paid-subscription basis for Joomla-powered sites. While users can see introductory text, they will have to pay to read the entirety of an article, for example. JCS is thus uniquely handy for sites that sell premium content, as it's possible to sell individual articles to unique users. You can also sell whole categories. This is possible because sections of content are broken down into "components," all of which can be easily toggled by you - the content master. JCS 1.5.8 is integrated with iDevAffiliate Component, just for Joomla. Some bugs were also fixed and it's now PayPal ready. Among other things, Joomla is an award-winning open source CMS. Joomla also developed JumpBox, which takes open source and virtualization applications, "packages" all the components necessary to run them, and makes it easy for enterprise users to utilize them in one-two-three fashion. Check out the extension here.