Magnolia Turns 3, Updates Web CMS

2 minute read
Angela Natividad avatar
Today Magnolia released Magnolia Enterprise Edition, a major update to their Enterprise Web CMS + Java Content Repository (JSR-170) offering, targeting simplification and ease of deployment. This is to commemorate their third anniversary. If only all vendors celebrated product birthdays by making life easier for developers, yeah?Enterprise Edition features in-browser custom layout creation, authentication and authorization via directory servers (LDAP and ADS), the ability to package content into units for multi-stage deployments, and the ability to display content in JSR-168 compliant Portals. Magnolia streamlines project implementation by enabling custom site design creation directly in the browser, cutting out the most time-consuming aspects of technical CMS implementation: building templates and rendering code from scratch. As part of prioritizing deployment speed and in addition to the revamped Enterprise Edition features, the Magnolia group have introduced Sitedesigner. This new tool makes it easier to create website layouts directly in your browser. The awesome thing about Sitedesigner is you don't just choose from a series of templates, but you are able to design from scratch using the integrated custom web design tools.This means you can build functioning prototypes in a few hours, update layouts and content quickly, and act on new ideas almost immediately.The intuitive Sitedesigner, which has a ton of other features, is also easy to extend with custom functionality. As always, Magnolia's products are backed with 24/7 support from Magnolia International.Good stuff. Check-out the Enterprise Edition here.