Obinary Releases Free Java-based Enterprise CMS

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Basel, 20.November 2003Magnolia, the java-based Open-Source CMS developed by obinary has been downloaded more than 1200 times in the 4 days since its release. This makes Magnolia one of the top 250 projects last week on Sourceforge, the world's biggest and most important open-source project directory, featuring more than 70'000 registered projects.Magnolia is the first J2EE-deployable and Java-based CMS which has been built from the ground up to support the upcoming standard of Java Content Repositories (JCR).The main goal of Magnolia is to make content management easy. Magnolia is easy to use, it is easy to install and easy to implement. Magnolia is platform-agnostic and uses Java, XML, JSP, JSTL and a custom tag library to achieve optimal implementation times.The combination of features delivered by Magnolia -- short implementation time, easy to learn and use, and future compatibility -- result in optimal total cost of ownership (TCO) for enterprises of any size.Magnolia can be installed within 10 minutes on all common operating-systems and is available free of charge at www.magnolia.info.For more information regarding obinary ag please visit www.obinary.com.