OpenCms just released version 7.0.0 of its open source content management solution. Yeah, that last .0 bugged us too.Major features (per our very to-the-point friend Seth) include WebDAV support, a content relationship engine for dependency management, an undelete feature, and point in time previews. That last is particularly nifty; it lets you take a glimpse of what the site looked like, or will look like, for a particular date or time. Oh, if only mirrors worked that way.OpenCms 7.0.0 also includes:* Improved internal link management* Intact links to files or folders that have been moved or renamed (we really like this - no more desperate grasping in the dark!)* Confirmation before finalizing deletes (which, coupled with the undelete feature, should virtually squash all unintentional data-wiping)* AJAX (Web 2.0, here we come)* Clean backward compatibility with J2EE-based v6. And an update wizard for v6 installations based on MySQL and Oracle is also available.OpenCms is an ECM build in Java and XML from open source components (it's distributed under a LGPL license). It plays nicely on most IT infrastructures and is pretty sound on the scalability yardstick, making it a good option for mid-sized to large businesses.OpenCms has been in continuous development for about seven years and has an active, and global, community of open source developers. Over 100 IT companies have been registered as official "OpenCms Solution Provider" on the company website.v7.0 was developed by Alkacon Software in tangent with the OpenCms developer community - a good testament to how enterprises and indie developers can make beautiful music.