Tzunami announces the immediate availability of the K-Wise Deployer for Microsoft Office SharePoint 2003. The Deployer is a stand-alone GUI application designed for the rapid construction of SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and rapid migration of documents from multiple sources into a SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Sites.The K-Wise Deployer ( supports migration from SharePoint Portal Server 2001, file shares and Enterprise Document Management systems like Hummingbird, Documentum, etc. "The K-Wise Deployer provides its users the ability to migrate all their accumulated corporate knowledge in a fraction of the traditionally associated costs," said Ram Alt, Vice President of Tzunami. "It therefore improves retrieving capabilities, collaboration features and elevates the organization's ROI from its SharePoint Portal Server 2003." The K-Wise Deployer key features:
  • Bulk migration of content from SharePoint Portal Server 2001, file shares and other sources.
  • Powerful intuitive GUI.
  • Mapping and analysis of content sources.
  • Metadata creation, extraction and flexible mapping into target columns.
  • Bulk creation of Share Point Portal Server 2003 structure: Windows SharePoint Services Sites, Portal Areas, Document Libraries and Folders.
  • Taxonomy management tool.
"SharePoint Products and Technologies were designed to provide customers with the ability to easily create and manage their own content-rich SharePoint sites, connecting users to the data they need while enabling collaboration across the enterprise," said Kirk Koenigsbauer, General Manager, Information Worker Product Management at Microsoft Corp. "The K-Wise Deployer is a positive step forward in helping companies to realize their investment in the SharePoint platform." The K-Wise Deployer is part of the K-Wise Platform, a breakthrough knowledge management layer built for SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to provide rapid document migration, improved search and retrieval capabilities, enhanced taxonomy tools and life cycle management tools. It is designed to be utilized by consultants, system integration companies and Internal IT teams. The K-Wise Deployer Value Proposition:
  • Significant reduction (more then 50%) of deployment costs and time, guaranteed immediate ROI.
  • Metadata extraction and creation prevents loss of corporate accumulate knowledge.
  • A systematic method for the process of adding content to SharePoint Portal Server 2003 portals.
  • A pre-sale tool for consultants and system integration companies, allowing them to shorten their pre-sale cycle.
Performance In a recent benchmark of the K-Wise Deployer, 62,000 documents (20 GB) were checked-in automatically into SharePoint Portal Server 2003 in 26 hours with a failure rate of 0.02% (11 documents). This was achieved with a single CPU Server of 3.0 GHz with 1GB of memory. With a stronger server, results will be much better.
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