Yes it's true. We are suggesting you forget about that diamond necklace or that life subscription to GQ magazine and spend your money on a conference or two. Forget about Christmas. It's highly overrated anyway. Now conferences, that's the ticket. Need to get some good networking done, learn some new tips and tricks for content management, Web 2.0, social media, maybe cloud computing. After all, we spend three quarters of our lives working. Here are a few that might tempt you...

Content Management

Gilbane Boston Held By: Gilbane Group Description: The primary purpose of this conference is to explore how social media and content management come together. The event’s purpose is to help organizations better understand how to address rapidly growing and increasingly diverse collections of content by implementing the latest technologies to create, manage, share and deliver richer content more easily, sometimes cheaper — and often quicker. Date: December 2-4, 2008 Boston, USA Price: Anywhere from US$ 495 to US$1,895 depending on the package selected. Online Information 2008 Held By: Incisive Media, a specialist business information provider Description: This conference is all about online information and the technology that serves it up. There are six main focuses: online content resources, ePublishing, Library Management Systems, Content Management Expo, Web 2.0 Technologies and Search Solutions. Date: December 2-4, 2008 London, UK Price: Depends on the package you select and if you are in a specific industry -- like Government, but the rate for the regular attendee is £793 (US$ 1,172.46) Best Practices SharePoint Conference Held By: MindSharp is the Premier Sponsor of this event, along with Microsoft Press Description: Want to understand the best way to utilize and implement SharePoint? This conference is supposed to go beyond just providing lists of best practices by offering real examples of how to use SharePoint. Six tracks are covered for IT Pros, Developers, Information Workers, Information Architects, Project Managers and CIOs. Date: February 2-4, 2009 San Diego, CA, USA Price: US$ 1,195.00 Gear-Up 2009 Vendor: Interwoven Description: This is Interwoven's Annual Global Community conference. It covers real world case studies of customers using Interwoven solutions, will tell you where the market is going and how Interwoven will evolve their solutions. Date: April 22-24, 2009 San Antonio, Texas, USA Price: $US 1,595.00 Content Management Strategies - DITA North America Held By: The Center for Information-Development Management Description: This conference is in its 5th season. It is directed towards managers and information management professionals who work on content management systems, want to create a single source application and/or are looking at content in XML. Topics include: e-business, content reuse, translations, cost reductions, document models, case studies and of course DITA. Professionals at all skill levels will find this conference insightful. Date: April 27-29, 2009 St. Petersburg, Florida Price: Went through the conference website and couldn't find a registration form, just an email address for the sponsor.

Social Media

Social Media Conference Held By: Ticonderoga Ventures, Inc Description: This conference covers Social Networking business strategies, mobile technologies for internet community, Social Networking software, partnerships, venture capital, legal issues, online/traditional marketing strategies, background search and payments. And you are lucky enough to get free passage to the Internet Dating Conference. Date: January 22-23, 2009 Miami, USA Price: US$ 875 until November 30, then it goes to US$ 975 until January 15, 2009

Emerging Technologies

O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference Held By: O'Reilly Media Description: The flagship event for the O'Reilly Radar, this conference is all about -- you guessed it -- emerging technologies. The conference covers tools, trends and developments in emerging technologies for several key areas: Mobile & the Web, CityTech, Personalized Healthcare, Materials and Mechanics and Geek Life Date: March 9-12, 2009 San Jose, CA, USA Price: US$ 1390 until Jan 13, then US$1690 until March 8, 2009 We're sure there are a lot more conferences out there for you to convince your boss to let you attend. As we come across them, expect a new list to come your way. Got a conference to add to the list? Let us know... As far as that diamond necklace goes -- maybe you should still buy it. You know what they say about a woman scorned...