eDiscovery and storage solutions provider Digital Reef (news, site) has announced its new president and CEO.

Bob Lentz, an established veteran of the technology industry will lend his experience with growing innovative startups in highly competitive market segments in an effort to oversee and market Digital Reef's success. Effective immediately, Mr. Lentz will assume the presidency and role of CEO allowing Digital Reef's founder Steve Akers the time to spend on product innovation, while assuming the role of CTO.

Lentz sees data management as a priority, saying that "unstructured content represents both the lion’s share of enterprise data and the most difficult data management challenge.” Digital Reef offers a data management platform, offering many eDiscovery solutions that can be used across a wide variety of platforms and environments. Additional solutions include data discovery for risk mitigation, compliance and automated data discovery and classification tools that enable storage reclamation.

Over the past few months, Digital Reef launched the Digital Reef Partner Program, which makes unstructured data management more accessible to companies that can complement their services with Digital Reef technology solutions. With FAST, Mimosa and EntropySoft among the featured partners, customers will be looking to Mr. Lentz to provide the leadership necessary to promote and support forthcoming partnerships.

Here at CMSWire, we look forward to seeing what Mr. Lentz will bring to Digital Reef's expansive data management solutions.