Need to get a handle on the ever-changing rules of records management for the almighty internet? The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) is conducting a webinar tomorrow from 2-3PM Eastern. During "State of Electronic Records Management," speaker Bob Larrivee of AIIM will walk you through the following fresh criteria: * How modern organizations apply records management policies * Best practices and new technologies * Ensuring regulatory compliance while using new technologies * Improving enterprise efficiency amidst all this new techno hoo-ha If you happen to be super-exacting, you can follow along with the New Rules of the Road pull-out, available on the AIIM site. The webinar is sponsored by Plasmon alongside AIIM, in conjunction with a number of big brands (EMC, IBM, ABBYY, Kodak, TOWER) that make your professional development less painful on the wallet. Make tomorrow slightly more productive; register now.