One of the biggest headaches associated with eDiscovery is trying to manage loose electronic conversations taking place at or about the office. Email is hard enough, but instant messaging? Can you imagine...? Thankfully, Open Text -- in partnership with FaceTime Communications -- have brought records management to the latter, hairier, medium. Meet the FaceTime IM Auditor.The IM Auditor is designed to render real-time communications, such as AIM, Skype, Y! Messenger and others, trackable, easily searchable, and compliant to various global requirements, including SEC 17a-4 and NASD 400. This spells one less liability for small businesses -- and big ones, too. Benefits in a nutshell: * Instant messages are captured in a central repository * Type of information retained falls under discretion of the enterprise * Classification management to IM retention and disposal * More secure public/enterprise interactions * Built-in protection against spyware and other malware, which likes to sneak into the free programs that unassuming people love downloading FaceTime holds a long track record in IM and greynet security. In the same way Open Text knows records management, FaceTime understands the risks and mindsets associated with a collaborative, largely unregulated online market. "End users continue to take business communications into their own hands, downloading and using real-time collaborative applications often without a complete understanding of the risks," said VP Frank Cabri of Marketing and Product Management for FaceTime. "The challenge is finding the right balance between enabling employee use of these applications while minimizing risk to the enterprise. This is best achieved in the context of broader enterprise compliance and security initiatives. We believe our collaboration with Open Text gives us the ability to deliver on that promise." Our heroes. Read more about the FaceTime IM Auditor at the Open Text website.