Stargazers, now's your opportunity to seek higher ground. Orion Technology just announced a partnership with the aptly-named TOWER, a global player in the Enterprise CMS market, catering to government and other regulated industries.TOWER is a records management firm at heart. Solutions like its TRIM Context 6 help enterprises improve the accuracy of information upon which strategic business decisions are made by helping organize and find that knowledge more quickly. These basic premises also make TOWER a suitable option for maintaining standards compliance across a constellation of industries. The Orion pairing is a boon for TOWER, which hopes to use OnPoint, Orion's out-of-the-box GIS software offering, to expand the capabilities of its own data access suites across a broader network of industries, particularly in juicy North America. Orion is based in Ontario, Canada, with clients across the continent. "We were impressed by OnPoint's ability to combine geospatial data from a variety of sources," said Tech Architect Dean Thrasher of TOWER. He added, "OnPoint easily integrates with our Web-based offerings." The collaboration, however, is hardly one-sided. Users of TRIM -- TOWER's US DoD 5015.2 compliant records management solution -- may find their first exposure to Orion via TOWER, significantly broadening Orion's base of enterprise clients. Not a bad way to get to know the stars. It's a rare instance in which geo-spatial data is used to add rhyme and reason to the world of records management, but years of daytime television have taught us the odd couple always wins out. This alliance, at first glance anyway, promises to be no exception.