Recommind Aims to Shift Legal Hold Paradigms

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Insite Legal Hold from Recommind
As we’ve previously reported, legal hold processes (or the lack thereof) may be the ones to blame for eDiscovery risks. But there’s a solution, and not just one. The newest one -- Insite Legal Hold -- comes from Recommind, a provider of enterprise search, email management and eDiscovery systems for enterprises. The company claims Insite is the “industry’s first practical solution.”Insite Legal Hold helps enterprises explore, preserve and collect electronically stored information to ensure compliance with litigation, regulatory oversight and investigations of every kind. With legal costs on the rise, it is crucial for enterprises to be well-prepared through the use of a practical and accurate legal hold solution.

Shifting Paradigms

Incorporating several breakthroughs in legal hold technology, Insite Legal Hold allows enterprises to quickly and accurately explore information where it resides - before it is collected and placed on hold in response to an investigation or lawsuit. This Explore in Place technology represents a paradigm shift in legal hold methodology. Competing solutions simply index and aggregate large amounts of data without any ability to determine the relevance of such information prior to collection. This results in the collection, preservation, storage, processing, review and analysis of far more information than required. Insite Legal Hold claims to be the only solution that allows enterprises to collect and hold just the data necessary for a given proceeding in a highly accurate and defensible manner; thus, improving the speed and accuracy of the legal hold process while reducing the cost of eDiscovery.Insite Legal Hold is based on the conceptual search and auto-categorization technology from Recommind for identifying and collecting any newly created information that may be relevant to a given legal hold - in a fully automated fashion.

Insite Legal Hold Features

Platform-agnostic and fully-customizable, Insite Legal Hold features pre-integration with numerous enterprise data sources, including content management systems, email and archiving systems, and intranets and portals -- all that beauty from, supposedly, one interface and instantly.
Insite Legal Hold Interface

Insite Legal Hold Interface

Additional features and benefits include:* Deep analytical tools, including Early Risk Assessment technology* Search technology, including integrated conceptual, full Boolean and keyword search* Ability to manage myriads of data sources, custodians and matters simultaneously* Auditability and reporting, including full exception handling and chain-of-custody reports* System performance, management and monitoring* Built-in processing of data (i.e. deduplication, near-duping, email threading, etc.)

Pricing and Availability

Insite Legal Hold is available from Recommind and Recommind's network of litigation support provider partners.Insite Legal Hold can be used in conjunction with Recommind's Axcelerate eDiscovery software -- a conceptual search, automatic coding and deep analysis product that aims to improve litigation review. Sold separately or packaged together as a complete solution, Insite Legal Hold and Axcelerate eDiscovery have a potential to give enterprises and their law firms access to the exact information they need -- instantly.For pricing, you can visit Recommind’s Web site.

To Hold or Not to Hold?

"In light of the current economic turmoil, a practical, effective legal hold solution is a 'must-have' for companies," said Browning Marean, partner at DLA Piper US LLP. And we tend to agree with this statement.According to a recent survey by CGOC, a practitioners’ forum focused on records retention and preservation practices, and Huron Consulting Group, a majority of companies report an average of 980 new legal matters initiated each year, with approximately 5100 open matters at any given time across all industries.While no one argues the importance and necessity of legal holds, it is also very clear that without appropriate tools it would be very difficult to properly manage legal holds processes and the cost associated with it. A legal hold solution that is practical, cost- effective and defensible is a must-have in today’s enterprise landscape.

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