Who doesn’t love good technology -- especially when it comes to mobile enterprise security? This year we’ve spent a good deal of time talking about the threats, the future and the behaviors associated with using mobile in the enterprise.

A New Year of Mobile Security in the Enterprise

We encourage you to revisit our archives to soak up the insights, but for your convenience, the folks at Good Technology, a leader in multi-platform enterprise mobility, offered up a few predictions about what 2012 will bring when it comes to mobile enterprise security.

Good Technology seems to think that the future of mobile enterprise security comes down to a few familiar topics:

  1. The virtualization of Windows 8 may give iOS a run for its money. As a result the iPhone’s offerings may seem less intriguing to the enterprise, though its app store, Apple TV, iCloud and the extended Apple ecosystem will still appeal to non-enterprise consumers.
  2. Despite HTML5’s popularity, developers will continue to utilize native apps because they can take advantage of the phone features like GPS or built-in cameras to enhance the user experience.
  3. In addition, companies will build native applications for enterprise processes, resulting in more enterprise apps built for the iPad.
  4. Mobile security will be threatened by increase of malicious cross-platform malware attacks on Android OS to Windows phones, reaching machines behind the firewall.
  5. As well, there will also be more sophisticated attacks on iOS devices.
  6. To help companies thwart these attacks, a more secure form of the Android OS will be introduced, but due to a fragmented mobile market of devices and carriers, developers will still find it challenging to take advantage of the new security features.
  7. Tablets will continue to be embraced by the enterprise, as more companies begin to appreciate the tablet’s effect on employee productivity. As a result, more will opt to purchase and issue tablets to employees to help enhance productivity.
  8. In 2012, mobile security and management vendors will begin to consolidate in an attempt to offer companies an integrated mobility management solution.
  9. In order to more effectively deliver, monitor and manage internal and external mobile applications, IT infrastructure and mobile application teams will become better aligned through more mature processes.
  10. The enterprise will start to manage Smartphones and tablets more holistically so they are treated as an extension of an enterprise’s desktop/endpoint system management process.

Protect and Serve in 2012

It will be a busy 2012 indeed if many of these predictions come to fruition. While some of what is forecasted may seem scary, the list isn’t meant to paralyze you or your company into a state of anxiety. Instead, it is designed to motivate you to become more proactive about how you manage mobile devices, applications and consumption so that you can better protect and serve mobile users with secure and productive platforms.