Mobile workers pay attention. Frankly, who isn’t a mobile worker these days? Whether you are on the train, plane, bus or working from your home office, it’s not always easy to gain access to what you need to be productive. Here are three new apps designed to keep you working, no matter where you are or where you’re going.

Why iPad?

While the enterprise has only recently begun to embrace the iPad, mobile workers have been using it and the iPhone for much longer. While iPads and iPhones soar in popularity among the noble masses, companies are facing the reality of having to manage a mobile workforce for whom iPad and iPhone have become synonymous with tablet and smartphone. These three new apps help bridge the gap between the PC-based enterprise with the Apple-based consumer.


Thanks to IntraLinks Secure Mobile Solution for the iPad and iPhone, you have access to the IntraLinks platform from your mobile devices to gain up-to-the-minute business insight. IntraLinks also provides security protection and encryption technology, in an attempt to strike a balance between the security needs of IT and access and availability needs of employees. Users benefit from mobile accessibility to information while gaining centralized access to documents and the ability to send alerts, change permissions and view reports when working remotely or in transit.


Syncplicity offers an iPad and iPhone app that aims to provide a comprehensive and secure cloud-based file access and management to iPad users. The app allows Syncplicity users to browse, share and manage files and folders stored on their PC, Mac, SharePoint servers, on the corporate network or via cloud-based services such as Google Docs. Users also have access to any file and folder securely while mobile, making it unnecessary to email file attachments, use VPNs or upload files to a new place to retrieve them from a mobile device.

Syncplicity in action

Syncplicity in action


For the on-the-go marketers, Technique has launched an app and four modules designed to streamline, track and automate production for print and marketing services companies. iTechnique Mobile MIS is a mobile management information system (MIS) and executive reporting tool running on iPhone and iPad as a native app. The app leverages cloud technology so that everything from CRM tools, workflow processes and business intelligence and insights are made available securely to staff wherever they are.

technique app.jpeg
 Technique Mobile MIS