Salesforce's John Wookey, executive vice president of and social applications, was excited to debut at the Dreamforce conference this week. Here's why he was so jazzed.

The Importance of Timely Performance Reviews

Wookey took the small group of attendees on a demo of, the HR system formerly known as Rypple. That team has now been fully integrated into Salesforce, Wookey said, and com is now baked into Chatter, Service Cloud and Sales Cloud. 

"People now work differently," Wookey said.

"It's connected, open, collaborative and real time."

As to how is different from other human resources systems, Wookey pointed to none other than Facebook. It's not a business platform, he pointed out, but look how people use it. It's insanely popular.

HR tools are outdated, Wookey said, but by making performance more social, workers can be more efficiently motivated. 

People need to feel connected to the work they do, Wookey said. People need context to what they do every day and how it relates to the company's mission. Wookey calls it operationalizing managing. Closely connected with this is idea that people seem to really dislike yearly performance reviews. Giving people the context they need to make their work feel relevant makes those yearly reviews obsolete.


Worker motivation reinforced with gift cards.

Social Performance

Wookey told us that many companies are goal driven, and can take advantage of this. Inside, the layout will look familiar to anyone who has used Facebook or Yammer. Below a profile photo are buttons for Feed, Goals, Feedback and Rewards. On the left hand side are sections for My Profile, My Team, My Company, My Connections, Add Connection and Apps. 

Click into Goals, and see the Key Results. There's a progress bar on the right to see how close the goal is to being met. On the right is the list of contributors including those who have it as their top goal, those who are committed and those who are undecided. interface.jpg

Each function has multiple levels of features to drill into.

Below contributors on the lower right is the Related Goals. Hover over those buttons and a preview pops up in the window. Click and open another Key Results page. Add actions to those Key Results to give some direction before the next meeting, for example. 

Under the Feedback button are tools that do just what it sounds like. Coaching Notes, Shared Actions and Shared Notes, all with actions that can be applied. All of these functions are available on a mobile. 

Woodon Martin, Salesforce SVP, products joined Wookey on the stage to talk more about how these tools drive motivation and performance.

"By breaking down goals into key results, results get completed faster and people can then give thanks and rewards," Martin said.