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Management of large projects is a dynamic orchestration of variables and limited resources. On Thursday, Acunote announced a new component to its Management Intelligence project management software, to better align variables and absolutes.

Called Management Analytics, the new component provides decision-making data that the company said was much faster, easier to use, more accurate and a more scalable way to allocate resources than other companies’ offerings. Acunote added that Analytics is particularly valuable for projects with 30 or more users, and, for companies with hundreds of users, it is “the only way” to monitor many projects simultaneously.

‘User Data, Not Politics’

Management Analytics provides this capability by segmenting real-time data and related insights that the company said can be used to inform business decisions, better determine resource allocation, increase productivity, help save time and expenses, and increase the quality of collaboration between software development, IT, marketing and customer service teams.

Analytics is part of the company’s Management Intelligence project management software, which is designed to capture and dissect data from complicated projects that involve a variety of teams. The Intelligence software automatically captures information relating to execution progress, and provides the ability for team management to drilldown and view the task-by-task progress of individual teams and team members.

Acunote CEO Gleb Arshinov said in a statement that Management Intelligence removes “the guesswork out of tracking project progress and predicting when it will be finished." It does this, he said, by capturing and utilizing information that “empower customers to make smart decisions based on user data, not politics.”

Integration with Existing Tools

This data-driven approach, the company said, offers increased productivity because of a better integration between teams and individuals, and improved predictability due to a more accurate forecast of task completions across teams.

The Acunote software presents actual project progress instead of only projected progress, generates reports for any level of the team or company, provides a company-wide tool, and integrates with existing tools, including Google Apps, source control systems such as Subversion, and bugtrackers like Bugzilla.

Acunote is the dba of Pluron, Inc., headquartered in Foster City, California. The company provides its Acunote online project management and collaboration software to such customers as IBM, Fujitsu, Citrix, VMware, Bank of America, Peugeot, the Federal Communications Commission and others.