With the SharePoint Las Vegas conference now winding down, it’s back to the business of actually making content work for business. Alfresco, with this in mind, has upgraded its mobile app for iOS, which adds wider functionality to the app that was first released in September last year.

In January, the app was upgraded to v1.2 enabling round-trip editing of documents through a QuickOffice integration on the iPad. This made it possible for business users to edit documents and save changes back to the Alfresco content store with full version control.

Alfresco document access.jpg

Alfresco mobile document access

The newest version moves the development of this app up a notch by integrating three new productivity features that any iPad and Alfresco user will welcome.

Alfresco Mobile v1.4

The objective, Alfresco says, is to increase worker efficiency and to make Alfresco easier to use on the road. The features in question include:

  • Task management: With this users will be able to more effectively manage workflows using the workflow capabilities of Alfresco in the cloud. With it, users will be able to start, complete and reassign tasks like review and document approval from their iPad.
  • Note taking: Note taking has been one of the principal uses of tablets in the enterprise with 46% adoption rate for applications that can do that, Alfresco says, citing research from Forrester. With 1.4 users can create or edit a text file with notes, tag it and then save it into the Alfresco cloud.
  • Syncing: Users can favorite files in the Alfresco cloud, Enterprise edition, or Alfresco mobile and they will be automatically syncing to the mobile device of their choice.

Alfresco Customer Engagement

For Alfresco though, this is more than just a new upgrade, but part of an ongoing drive to provide a new level of customer engagement on top of its document management and capture capabilities that can all be accessed from mobile devices.

Alfresco mobile syncing.jpg

Alfresco Mobile syncing

On top of this, and in keeping with Alfresco’s ongoing growth in different geographies outside of the English language zone, Alfresco mobile is now available in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

For Android users there’s some good news too. Alfresco’s first mobile app for Android will be available in the Google Play store this month, while Alfresco’s SDKs for both iOS and Android have also been released enabling developers to work document management functionality into mobile app creation.

Alfresco Mobile 1.4 for iOS is currently available in the Apple App Store, complete with 10GB of free cloud file storage in conjunction with Alfresco in the cloud.