Following the release of its updated content and team collaboration platform, Atlassian Confluence 5.0, Atlassian has announced a new tool, Blueprints which aim to improve the functionality of the Confluence product.

A Blueprint Base

Atlassian Confluence 5.0 which was released the end of February updated the platform’s speed capabilities, but that’s not the only area that the company decided need an improvement. According to a blog post from Ryan Anderson, Product Market Specialist, Atlassian has been studying how its clients have used Confluence over the past 10 years and have determined that there are certain practices or "blueprints" that can help with content management and workplace productivity.

The three Blueprints which are available from the Atlassian Marketplace are:

  • Meeting Notes Blueprint: Being organized and focused during meetings can be tough as employees have to juggle their own notes, meeting agendas and the presentation itself. The Meeting Notes Blueprint aims to improve the meeting process with a tool that tracks people, agendas and notes by having automated agenda distributions and task assignments with follow-up notifications on the assignments.
  • File List Blueprint: With so many different ways to share files, it's sometimes hard to keep track of where a file is being stored, but the File List Blueprint is a solution to this problem by being a searchable, permission-accessed storage tool that’s compatible with a variety of files including PDFs and images.
  • Requirements Blueprint: In order to help their clients manage, navigate and organize their work within the Confluence platform, Atlassian has added a Requirements Blueprint which helps companies manage their product requirements, such as version updates and discussions in a more efficient manner with custom properties.



A Third- Party Opportunity

Atlassian also offers a way for developers to build their own Blueprints that can be sold in the Atlassian Marketplace. Companies that have their own blueprints for sale include Strategy Canvases by Comalatech for task management and business process visualizations and Polls by Simplenia, a tool that helps create and share polls in order to make groups decisions easier.

Atlassian: Holding its Weight in the Software World

Over the past year Atlassian has also released JIRA 5, a social issue tracking tool and acquired HipChat to help with real-time enterprise collaboration. As for its Confluence platform, Atlassian appears to be dedicated to improving the system as much as possible as version 5.0 was released less than year after version 4.2. Overall though, the platform in whatever version is a good tool, as is pointed out by Jacob Morgan.

The core of Confluence feels (and is) very much a wiki and they stayed true to that. And with the 400+ add-ons you can really make Confluence do anything you need it to do,” he said. “A simple way to think about it is, Atlassian is a bit like WordPress which, at it’s core is a content management and blogging platform that can also be used to build entire websites on."

Other products from Atlassian include GreenHopper for project management, a Confluence SharePoint Connector, Clover for Java code coverage and Crowd, a sign-on tool.