Whitney Tidmarsh Bouck is excited about Box’s future and its potential to build a smarter enterprise. At info360 today, Whitney presented about how big data is transforming how the cloud, social capabilities, and a web of integrated applications are creating a far more personalized technology experience for the enterprise.

Boxing In the Enterprise

Thanks to a better familiarity with consumer facing document collaboration tools, Box has been able to expand their audience beyond the traditional enterprise. Users in higher education, creative agencies and regulated industries are taking advantage of Box’s simple, yet comprehensive platform to help them better store, share and access information. As a result, they’ve experienced numerous benefits that extend well beyond the purview of collaboration. For many SMBs disaster recovery initiatives have been streamlined, while for others storage costs have dramatically decreased.

Companies of all sizes are finding themselves ill-prepared to manage the massive amounts of data being created and shared, and it’s leaving little time for them to generate anything meaningful or useful. For Box, these data challenges have presented a unique opportunity for them to help users take control of their information, while freeing up their time to create and collaborate.

Happy IT = Happy Users

Enterprise mobility has introduced a new workplace environment, as well as new opportunities for IT. With it, are challenges focused on security, access and employee adoption. Finding the right software to help achieve great user experiences, easier collaboration and increased productivity isn’t easy, but when found can help make both IT and users happy. Box case studies have shown that many companies are looking for ways to scale large amounts of media in a secure platform that allows them the flexibility to be fully compliant and evolve alongside social and mobile trends.

According to Bouck, the enterprise is at a crossroads. We can either choose to embrace new technology so we can be heroes to our users and customers, or we can stay where we are. At present, most of us are in the middle, taking baby steps into the cloud. Over time, however, to work smarter organizations will have to take the plunge fully.