Collaboration technology provider Citrix is enhancing the calendaring capabilities in the Citrix Podio collaborative work platform by offering two new platform integrations with Outlook Exchange Calendar and Google Calendar. Podio also now features new customizable filtering and viewing options.

Calendaring, Viewing Options Extend Podio Reach

The Outlook Exchange and Google integrations allow Podio users and teams to connect their external calendars with their project management and collaboration apps in Podio. Citrix intends this functionality to make it easier for users to keep track of all their Podio projects, deadlines, meetings and events, including any Citrix GoToMeeting details.

In addition, Citrix is adding customizable viewing options to Podio. These include a new sliding-bar filter that allows users to toggle between personal and team events or display a custom combination of both.

Users can also now follow and sync workspace-specific calendars and events, meaning they can follow or subscribe to apps and app content within workspaces to include them as deadlines and events on their primary external Outlook Exchange or Google calendars. To customize their workspaces, people can access and modify free apps from the Podio App Market, or create new apps to support their preferred workflows. 

Citrix Stays Busy with Podio

Citrix has been very busy expanding the functionality and accessibility of Podio, especially considering Citrix bought the collaborative work platform provider only in April of this year. Podio, which was previously an independent software vendor founded in 2009, has only been out of beta since 2011, but already had tens of thousands of users at the time of purchase.

Podio is more of a platform than an application. It provides a base of social business features such as workspaces, activity streams, comments, likes and statuses, which users can configure and customize to fit how they would like to work.

Since the purchase, Citrix has also integrated Podio with YouSendIt, the content collaboration company that enables organizations to securely share content, sign documents and access files from any mobile device or desktop. Building on another recent integration with ShareFile, as a result of this June integration Podio now offers file sharing and storage services for ShareFile, SugarSync, Microsoft SkyDrive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and Google Docs and now, YouSendIt.

Podio also integrates seamlessly with cloud-based business solutions such as GoToMeeting, Zendesk, and Freshbooks. It seems Citrix wants to take full advantage of Podio’s platform capabilities and turn it into a collaboration environment that will support a broad range of users performing a broad range of tasks from a broad range of content management, file sharing and calendaring tools.