Though quiet on the news front this week, there were a few things we thought worth noting. There are more unsubstantiated rumors about a November release date for Office for iPad, Citrix and YouSendIt Integrate, Snowbound upgraded one of its SDKs, and we took a look at exactly what a doo can do.

Office for iPad in November?

Just to repeat what we have said many times in the past, we don’t like repeating gossip, BUT ... this is one rumor that you will probably like.

We have already heard talk of a November release date for Office for iPad. That's now been narrowed down to a handful of dates in mid-November which, depending on who you hear it from, will be November 10, two days before this year’s SharePoint conference in Las Vegas, or will be one of the big announcements of the conference itself.

What’s four days when you’re only reporting gossip?! However, there is a head of steam building around the November date which was first mooted last month in the Boy Genius Report.

This time the rumors are coming from the Daily, which, citing “sources familiar with the matter,” also claimed that work on the final version of Office Mobile is near completion and is in the hands of the Microsoft usability team.The same source said a version of Office Mobile for Android is also on the way.

Not to be bested, Business Insider reported a few days later that a “source” familiar with the Office sales team confirmed the SharePoint conference date, making it available for sale over the Christmas season and ready for volume licensing at the beginning of 2013.

And if that wasn’t enough, Microsoft completely denies that the product exists at all.  Now, who are you going to believe?

Citrix and YouSendIt Integrate

Back with some facts this time. Citrix announced that its collaborative work platform, Citrix Podio, can now integrate with YouSendIt, the content collaboration company that enables organizations to securely share content, sign documents and access files from any mobile device or desktop.

Building on the recently announced integration with ShareFile, Citrix's Podio now offers file sharing and storage services forShareFile, SugarSync, Microsoft SkyDrive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and Google Docs and now YouSendIt.

Podio also integrates seamlessly with cloud-based business solutions such as GoToMeeting, Zendesk, and Freshbooks,

Teams collaborating on Podio will now be able to connect their YouSendIt accounts to the Podio work platform in seconds and share any type of content with coworkers, customers or partners inside their Podio workspaces.

This new integration improves productivity by giving teams a structured workflow for managing files and content, adding accountability for work and the ability to handle all communications in one place. If you’re interested in more on Podio, check out the video below:

Snowbound Releases RasterMasterSDK

Also this week, Snowbound, the document viewing and conversion vendor, announced what it describes as an “important update” to v18 of itsRasterMasterSDK for Windows.

Learning Opportunities

New features include color-page detection for smaller output files, great improvements in MS Office, AFP, MO:DCA, PDF and RTF format support, and significant support upgrades for Microsoft .NET 4.0 WPF controls and XPS documents.

The result, Snowbound says, is improved document viewing, conversion and processing Snowbound’s clients.

The color detection functionality in RasterMaster version 18 enables huge file size reduction in multi-page documents that are mainly text-based but contain some color or gray-scale images -- speeding processing and file transfer, decreasing storage space and enhancing collaboration and sharing.

RasterMaster .NET SDK nowalso includes improved support for building .NET Framework 4.0 x64 and x32 applications. This release includes a .NET Framework 4.0 build of the RasterMaster library with new methods and samples that make it easy to add sophisticated document and image processing features.

Snowbound’s SDKs are available for a variety of platform integrations including Java, Windows (.NET, DLL and ActiveX) and UNIX.

What Does Doo Do?

Finally, in case you missed it earlier in the week,Doo, a provider of cloud-based document collection, organization and storage services, is launching the open beta version of its solution. The native doo apps for OSX and Windows 8 Metro are now available, and the company intends to launch apps for platforms including iOS and Android as well as a Google Docs integration in the near future.

Doo collects documents from sources including a user’s hard drive, as well as online sources such as email via IMAP integration, and stores them in a central database. Documents can also be imported from file-sharing applications such as Dropbox.

Once documents are collected and stored, doo applies text recognition and tagging algorithms to organize documents for text searching and tag filtering.