CMSWire's October Tweet Jam: Meet the Panelists #socbizchat

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In a few short weeks, it will once again be Tweet Jam time. This month, we'll be concentrating on the Evolution of Collaboration and Communication in the Enterprise and already have lined up a great group of panelists. 

The Panelists

Anyone who's interested is welcome to join the event and connect with our panelists. The easiest way to join the conversation is by following or including the #socbizchat hashtag.

The following are lined up for this month's Jam:

  • Billy Cripe, Principal and Founder at BloomThink -- @billycripe
  • David Coleman,  Managing Director of Collaborative Strategies, Consultant and Writer for GigaOM PRO -- @dcoleman100
  • David Lavenda, Vice-President of Marketing at Harmon.ie -- @dlavenda
  • Deb Lavoy, Director of Product Marketing for Social Media at Opentext -- @deb_lavoy
  • Hyoun Park, Principal Analyst at Nucleus Research -- @hyounpark
  • Kevin Conroy, President and Founder of Blue Rooster -- @seattlerooster
  • Colin Perez, Marketing Manager for Blue Rooster -- @bluexperience
  • Oscar Berg, Digital Strategist, Business Analyst and Senior Consultant, Enterprise Collaboration at Avega Group AB -- @oscarberg
  • Tom Petrocelli,  Social Enterprise Senior Analyst  for ESG -- @tompetrocelli
  • Kimberly Samuelson, Director of Goverment Marketing/Analyst Relations at Laserfiche --  @ECMchick
  • Dan Keldsen, President and Chief Innovation Officer at Information Architected -- @dankeldsen
  • Maria Ogneva, Head of Community at Yammer -- @themaria
  • Jacques Pavlenyi, Market Segmenet Manager for Messaging  and Collaboration at IBM -- @mediamutt
  • Zena Weist, Vice President of Strategy at Expion -- @zenaweist
  • Jeff Seacrist, Vice President of Product Marketing, Partner Solutions at Webtrends — @jeffseacrist
  • Mark Klinchin, CTO at MetaVis Technologies — @mklinchin
  • Rich Blank, Solutions Engineer at NewsGator, Blogger —@pmpinsights
  • Christian Buckley, Director of Product Evangelism at Axceler, Microsoft MVP — @buckleyplanet
  • Jennifer Mason,Senior SharePoint Consultant at Rackspace Hosting, Microsoft MVP — @jennifermason
  • Mike Ferrara,  Director SharePoint Platform Services, Hyperion Global Partners — @mikecferrara
  • Tony White, Founder and CEO of Ars Logica -- @arslogica
  • Alex Manchester,  Senior Consultant at Step Two Designs -- @Alex_Manchester
  • Dustin Collis, Technology Partner at Navigation Arts -- @collisindc
  • Ali Hanyaloglu, Senior Marketing Manager, Acrobat Enablement at Adobe -- @acroboy
  • Troy Larson, Social Media Specialist at Mindjet -- @Troy_Larson
  • Chelsi Nakano, Corporate Journalist at Mindjet -- @chelsi

The Questions

The following are our questions for the Tweet Jam:

Learning Opportunities

  1. How do you define collaboration?
  2. We've come along way since Intranet 1.0. What are the most important elements of today's collaboration and communication tools?
  3. How has the adoption of social in the enterprise changed the concept of collaboration?
  4. Name three primary challenges for collaborative organizations and how they can be overcome.
  5. How will collaboration strategies and supporting tools evolve in the next two years?
  6. Will it be possible to survive as a non-collaborative company in the future? (Note: this is a bonus question, if there is time.) 

The Tweet Jam Details

To hear these expert's insights, join us Wednesday, October 24th, at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT / 17:00 GMT. The easiest way to follow is to use the #socbizchat hashtag. We will be setting up a chat room and sending out the details via Twitter on the day of the Jam.

 See you on October 24th!