CMSWire's Top Contributors 2013 - Christian Buckley

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Christian Buckley takes the "Evangelist" part of his title very seriously. He travels the world to spread the good word of SharePoint, speaking at conferences, attending meetings, contributing articles.  I suspect Christian lives in an alternative universe where there are more hours in the day than in yours or mine. 

Who are you -- in a 140-character tweet? I’m just a boy, standing in front of SharePoint, asking it to love him. Ok, but seriously, one thing that you should know about me is that I ... (dang it! That was 140 characters. If I had more space, I would have said I am a SharePoint MVP and Chief Evangelist at Metalogix who writes extensively on collaboration, social informatics and Management 2.0 under the moniker of @buckleyplanet)

What attracted you to your field -- and what still excites you about it? I’ve been in the IT space since 1991, and love the constant change and learning that comes with the tech field. Honestly, I’ve been told numerous times that I have the coolest job in the world -- and I’d have to agree. I thrive on community, on talking with end users and IT Pros and developers, learning about their business problems and the interesting ways they’re closing the gaps. I went from a small startup to a massive consulting firm, then over to Pacific Bell, where I entered the knowledge management domain in the mid-1990’s, and got involved in building social tools in 1997 – a path which eventually led to SharePoint. My job allows me to keep current on technology, travel to and meet with customers and partners all over the world, and write about those experiences. What is more exciting than that?

What’s your proudest accomplishment of 2013? Honestly, my proudest moment this year had nothing to do with work – it had everything to do with family. I sent off my oldest son on a church mission in February (he’s in Scottsdale, AZ), and then at the end of the summer, did it again with my daughter, who is my oldest (she’s in San Pablo, Philippines). Of course, the award for good parenting goes to my wife, not me, but I’d like to think I had a hand in there somewhere in raising my kids in a way that led them each to the decision to spend a couple years in the service of others. I’m very proud.

On the work front, there are a few standout moments. I’ve keynoted a few events, with the largest being a keynote presentation alongside one of my SharePoint heroes, Dan Holme, at the European SharePoint Conference in Copenhagen in front of about 1200 people. And I’ve written some smartly-worded articles that I am proud of…but all of these pale in comparison to the kid thing.

Learning Opportunities

What’s your goal, personal or professional, for 2014? To blog more. I feel like I could do more. I’m averaging about 25 articles a month, and my goal in 2014 is to not be so lazy.

What's an important story you will be tracking in 2014? There’s a lot of anticipation around what we’ll see by way of integration between Yammer and SharePoint on premises. But as the year plays out, I really do believe that mobile – not social – will become the bigger story. Of course, if someone creates the ultimate social platform for mobile, its awesomeness could melt the polar ice caps and destroy the earth as we know it. Maybe. Don’t quote me on that.

What’s the one New Year resolution you always make -- and always break? Not to eat the second brownie. Those things are evil.