Software Tools Maker Atlassian Adds Three Board Members
Software development and collaboration tool provider Atlassian had added three new members to its Board of Directors.

Atlassian's been hard at work updating its Confluence collaboration platform. It added mobile support to Confluence in June, iRise Visualizations to Confluence in April and acquired HipChat for real-time collaboration back in March. Those are just a few of things Atlassian has done.

Along with all these new features, Atlassian has decided to beef up its board with some new experience -- experience that comes from the likes of SuccessFactors, Microsoft, Adobe and VMWare. Now that can't hurt can it?

Magical Combination of Attributes

Doug Burgum, former Chairman of the Board of SuccessFactors and former CEO and Chairman of Great Plains Software, will become Chairman of the Board. Murray Demo, former CFO of Adobe Systems, Dolby Laboratories and on-demand contact center provider LiveOps, and Kirk Bowman, investment partner at VC firm Accel Partners and a former sales executive at VMware, have also been elected to the company’s Board.

Atlassian co-CEO and co-Founder Scott Farguhar said in a statement that, for the Chairmanship, the company was “looking for someone who had a magical combination of attributes -- the right experience, the right ability to question and push the executive team, and, most importantly, the right cultural DNA to be a champion for Atlassian.”

He added that Burgum “surpassed our expectations.” In 2010, Burgum became Chairman of SuccessFactors, which provides cloud-based human resources management, and he served in that role until SuccessFactors was acquired by SAP in late 2011. Prior to that, he was a member of SuccessFactors’ Board, including during its successful IPO in 2007.

Previous to his stint at SuccessFactors, Burgum had been a senior vice president at Microsoft. At that technology giant, he spearheaded the company’s purchase of Navision A/S, a mid-market software company. It became the basis for Microsoft’s Business Solutions Group, which he headed.

Demo, Bowman

Prior to Microsoft, Burgum was CEO and chairman of Great Plains Software, a mid-market software provider that Microsoft bought in 2001.

Demo’s financial background was also praised by Atlassian’s Farguhar. Prior to his executive roles at Adobe, Dolby and LiveOps, Farguhar was executive vice president and CFO at Postini, a provider of on-demand security compliance software that was acquired by Google.

Bowman’s background in enterprise sales was highlighted in the announcement. In addition to Accel Partners and VMware, his experience includes serving as a sales executive at Equallogic, Inktomi, Parametric Technology Corp. and others.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Altassian’s software development products for teams are used by Citigroup, eBay, Netflix and over 20,000 other organizations.