Atlassian Adds Mobile Support to Confluence, Inline Editing to JIRA

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Atlassian Adds Mobile Support to Confluence, Inline Editing to JIRA
Atlassian, a provider of issue tracking, collaboration and software development applications, is upgrading its Confluence collaboration tool to include mobile and productivity enhancements, and also updating its JIRA project/issue tracking solution with features including inline editing and feedback forms.

Confluence Mobilizes Task Collaboration

The Atlassian Confluence 4.3 release includes a mobile interface for devices including iPhone, iPad and Android that allows in-app and mobile notifications. Confluence 4.3 also includes several upgrades aimed at improving task management, such as capabilities allowing users to create, share, assign and prioritize tasks, and a page tasks feature that enables users to create, assign and complete tasks in pages and blog posts. In addition, personal tasklists allow users to track all their work on Confluence in one place.

Other new features in Confluence 4.3 include in-app notifications of social media activities such as shares and likes, as well as improvements to infrastructure and editing capabilities.

JIRA Keeps Editing In Line

Atlassian is also releasing a new version of its JIRA project/issue tracking tool with an inline editing feature that lets users edit copy within the JIRA page without going to the editor. A new issue collector enables users and non-users to create issues and provide direct feedback, while users can create a feedback form on any website that submits feedback as a JIRA issue. Furthermore, the new JIRA Real Life app, available on iTunes, allows users to submit iPhone photos as JIRA tasks.

Altassian is also upgrading its Bamboo continuous integration server. Version 4.1 of Bamboo has updated JIRA integration, native integration with Altassian’s HipChat private chat application and integration with Stash enterprise git source code management system repository management solution.

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Atlassian Keeps Confluence, JIRA Open

Atlassian has been busy this year, upgrading Confluence and JIRA. In April 2012, Atlassian released Confluence 4.2, which included social user engagement, content discovery features and content editor enhancements. Considering this was the first major upgrade to Confluence since its initial September 2011 release, and that a mere two weeks later Atlassian further tweaked Confluence with iRise visualization technology integration, clearly the company is looking to accelerate the development of Confluence.

And JIRA 5 debuted in February 2012, also including social features such as mentions, sharing and live activity streams, as well as an expanded plug-in API and improved REST APIs.

For both applications, Atlassian is clearly focusing on making them as open as possible. This openness extends to allowing users to communicate with each other through various social media mechanisms, as well as interfacing with a variety of other platforms, including mobile. Considering how widely dispersed many project teams are these days, including non-employees and operating on multiple platforms, openness is a good objective for a collaboration and development specialist such as Atlassian. And obviously the company is not wasting any time in pursuing it.