Does Jive Do Social Better by Putting the End User First?

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Jive may be one of the last enterprise social collaboration pure play vendors that hasn’t been acquired. That may very well free it to do what its competitors can’t — namely, to innovate and integrate without constraint because it isn’t locked in to anyone or anything.

The company is committed to helping its customers realize more engagement, more value and more results through its platform which is used by leading corporations such as EMC, Prudential, Thomson Reuters, T-Mobile and many others.

Yesterday the company, which Gartner has named to its Leaders Quadrant, unveiled its “Summer Cloud Release” which aims to drive productivity in the enterprise by providing “a more customized, enhanced, enterprise collaboration experience across all mobile devices.” The release leverages Cisco’s real time communication services like WebEx and Jabber.

Empowering Companies

What’s the big deal? This solution places the end-users front and center as opposed to competing products like Yammer/Microsoft, which will likely be content-centric (the integration with Office 365/SharePoint is happening now), Chatter/Salesforce, which is about the process, and IBM Connections, which includes task management among other things.

"Jive's Summer cloud release empowers companies to put their employees' work styles front and center — providing a more customized and personalized communication and collaboration experience," said Colleen Jansen, vice president of product marketing, Jive Software.

The release’s new personalization features aim to keep workers more active, informed and engaged which in turn can make them up to 15 percent more productive.

They include:

Learning Opportunities

  • Jive Connectors for WebEx and Jabber. The Jive WebEx connector enables the launch of WebEx meetings directly from a coworker’s Jive profile or with a group of individuals in any shared document. The Jabber connector simplifies launching chat sessions or phone calls from Jive pages via compatible Jabber clients.
  • A new “Your View” feature which lets users personalize their own home screens in Jive to make information discovery and navigation even easier than it already is. This includes capabilities for creating a streamlined social intranet using various options for grouping, categorizing and sharing information.
  • A more robust experience with Jive Present, a mobile app that allows sales reps to always be equipped with the latest information, assets and sales tools whether online or offline. Jive has now made it available on iPhones in addition to Android tablets and iPads. It makes it easy for workers to add content, such as sales presentations or corporate brochures, directly from their Jive community into their Jive Present app. It also integrates with Salesforce and calendars to merge meeting invites, notes and contact details directly from the app.

Working with External Partners and Customers

Jive didn’t only make internal collaboration better. It fortified Jive X, its external community platform, as well. The update aims to help its users to drive engagement, improve community analytics and connect to existing systems. Since more than 25 percent of external community traffic on JiveX comes via mobile devices, Jive focused on tailoring user experiences there. New updates provide for:

  • A smarter mobile experience via responsive design so that when the size of a user's web browser changes, so does the layout of the site — making it easier to navigate and view critical content. Visitors to a company's online community will see the same interface from any device while seeing the content and functionality that matters most.
  • Greater connectivity with CRM for improved customer care response time. The enhanced JiveX CRM Connector now includes out-of-the-box templates for companies to offer private support portals for clients making it easy create user-centered support cases. To streamline customer support JiveX extends bidirectional connections with CRM systems which includes the ability to search content stored in the community directly from within a CRM system and sync knowledge articles about specific customers.
  • More robust analytics that allow community managers to gain visibility of key influencers via Sentiment and Influencer Reports which  can quickly detect and analyze important themes related to products, launches, ideas and issues and to respond to or leverage influencers more easily in marketing and support efforts.

All About Connections

Though every enterprise social platform talks the talk of putting the end user experience first, Jive actually does it, by design, and the workers who use it embrace it and appreciate their experience.

Though some analysts say that Enterprise social is mature and becoming commoditized, we’d argue that we’re only beginning to see what it can empower. (Look for an article later this week.)

Jive is on the cusp of that every day, studying how people can connect to make pivotal gains in productivity and relationships.