At this week’s Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston, the expo floor included dozens of solutions vendors and service providers specializing in social business, collaboration, document management, unified communication, and mobile apps, among many other enterprise functionalities.

A number of vendors used the conference as an opportunity to officially launch new products, services, and/or features and functions. CMSWire has already covered some of these releases:

Today we bring you brief highlights of what some other Enterprise 2.0 vendors announced during the show.

Formicary Collaboration Group (FCG): MindLink

MindLink is an enterprise social collaboration platform which is built on the Microsoft Lync unified communications platform, and can also be run as a hosted solution through FCG partner Thoughtbus. MindLink delivers live communication and data from internal systems into team-based activity streams, with universal browser-based and mobile user access. The MindLink platform includes connectors to Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook, and also includes an RSS connector and a RESTful API to develop new custom connectors. 

Moxie Software: Free Desktop Sync for Spaces by Moxie

Moxie Software is now offering free desktop sync functionality for its Spaces by Moxie enterprise social collaboration suite. Spaces by Moxie users can have files on a Windows desktop automatically synchronized with the Collaboration Spaces tool for sharing with other users, and also synchronize and add folders from Collaboration Spaces to the desktop. The functionality also synchronizes Outlook email threads into Collaboration Spaces social discussions.

Broadvision: Clearvale SharePoint Integration

Clearvale, the enterprise social networking platform provided by Broadvision, released an integration to Microsoft SharePoint designed to facilitate social collaboration around SharePoint content. Users can store files on SharePoint but use them to collaborate on Clearvale, and initiate collaboration from either system. This integration turns Clearvale into a social layer which sits on top of SharePoint.

Sanebox: Sanebox for Business

Sanebox, a provider of email filtering software, has entered the enterprise space with Sanebox for Business. Sanebox serves as an intelligent email filter which can be customized to user specifications and also analyzes user behavior to perform better filtering. The solution sits on top of most major email clients and includes features such as automated reminders and calendar syncing.

Persistent Systems: Expanded Collaboration Integration Services

Outsourced product development services provider Persistent Systems has expanded its integration services to include full application design and development. Persistent Systems now provides both browser-based OpenSocial widgets and HTML5 as well as native smartphone and tablet mobile applications.