You likely already have a profile on LinkedIn and you are linked to any number of people and companies. Same for Twitter, Facebook and a number of other social networks, which means there is probably a lot of information coming your way. What if you could take that information, combine it altogether and then search and filter to your hearts content to find business opportunities? GageIn says you can -- using its business information networking platform.

This is what GageIn claims to do:


GageIn - Business Information Networking

Pull all the sources you follow together into one environment, then share information inside and back out, and collaborate. And it's all within a secure environment. It is, in essence, content curation, and then some.

Today, GageIn has come out of beta, officially launching and bringing with it some new features including integration with CRM systems and additional social networks Salesforce Chatter and Yammer. Let's take a little closer look at what this SaaS service offers.

Follow Content Not People

The key to GageIn is that it isn't about following people and their activity, but about following content, being able to share that content with partners and customers and using it to discover and act on opportunities.


GageIn - Timeline

You can follow any number of companies, individuals, websites and more. GageIn has a strong focus on being hyper-local as well, making the information more relevant. There is also a strong focus on content from SMBs -- with the vendor claiming they have the richest database available.

GageIn - Followed Companies

You can import the contacts and companies you follow from Salesforce and LinkedIn to get you started right away and then add more companies and contacts to follow from there.


GageIn - Stream

Learning Opportunities

For the Sales, Marketing & Research Professionals

GageIn has several applications that support the needs of sales, marketing and research professionals. You can use one of these applications or a combination. Each has specific functionality to support your role including building sales intelligence, monitoring and engaging with customers/potential customers across social channels and building marketing intelligence to help make better business decisions. There's really something for everyone in this service.

Along with curating your content, there are advanced search agents and filters that enable you to track specific information like actionable events.


GageIn -Actionable Events

This service also comes with enterprise-grade security and privacy, so you can be sure the information you have/share won't be available to anyone else. If you are an organization using Active Directory, integration with it is now offered and there are a number of user and role management options such as: data management, public sharing control, firewall, policy enforcement, auditing and reporting.

I had an opportunity to review the platform and I did find it was an interesting service with a number of usage scenarios. If you are looking for a service that will help you curate content from a number of sources, both social, business and otherwise, GageIn is one to look at.

As a SaaS service, you can start out with a free plan and upgrade from there to Professional or Enterprise. Of course the services you have access to are greater based on the Plan you select. But if you try it now, you will get unlimited access to the full platform for the next six months (best time to try it out).