HiSoftware Parters with NewsGator for Social Communications Compliance #spc12

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HiSoftware has announced that their HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff SP2010 Suite will be paired with the NewsGator Connector service.The combination product, the HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff NewsGator Connector, works with NewsGator Social Sites to monitor internal and external communications on social platforms to ensure that only appropriate material is shared.

What Does This Partnership Mean? 

By combining the two products, the NewsGator Connector will monitor, report, flag and delete policy violations which include sexually suggestive material, trade secrets, credit card numbers, personally identifiable information and protected health information.

The products then work with NewsGator Social Sites to make sure that this information stays out the public domain.Users will be able to monitor collaborative portals and social forums, making sure that there aren't any governance, risk and compliance issues.

NewsGator is committed to delivering social that works,” said Melissa Risteff, NewsGator’s senior vice president of global marketing and alliances. “Our partnership with HiSoftware ensures that enterprises can feel comfortable allowing their interaction workers to collaborate freely and safely via our integrated solution, while simultaneously protecting both the individual and the company from regulatory and corporate compliance violations.”

In addition to this partnership, the NewsGator Connector also has an improved UI, as well as other features related to the HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff NewsGator Connector. They include:

Learning Opportunities

  • The ability to monitor a variety of content platforms including microblogging, activity streams and communities.
  • Individuals who by accident or intentionally post inappropriate material are flagged and reported to a pre-designed person, such as a privacy officer or department manager.
  • Information barriersare set up as an echanced security feature within internal communities, such as research groups.
  • HR policies are distributed to help educate employees on proper online behaviour and minimize the risk of having the wrong content leaked.
  • All activity streams are audited and logged.
  • Users can set the priority and weight result values ofrisk tolerance with “Intelligence Checkpoints.”

Being Social with NewsGator

Newsgator has not only ventured into this new partnership and product with HiSoftware, but has also released a variety of other social tools over the last month.

At the end of October, they announced a new Social Sites App for the Windows 8 Operating System, while earlier that month they released a Social Sites Enrich Solution. The solution, composed of videos and knowledge bases, allows colleagues to identify experts within their company and share knowledge in an interactive way.