Huddle Automatically Syncs Files For Offline Access, Including the iPhone

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Huddle offers up some new capabilities that make it easier to work when you are offline or on the go.

Smarter File Synchronization

I know you really like to go through your list of documents and files and manually select the ones you need to download to your desktop or, when you have to leave the office, your mobile device, but it really can be a pain to do that every day -- synchronizing constantly. It would be nice to have your software be smart enough to do it for you don't you think?

If you use Huddle for your enterprise collaboration solution then you are in luck. It has just introduced automatic "intelligent" synchronization. Now, instead of you manually selecting the docs you need from your enterprise knowledge store -- you can still do that though it you need to -- Huddle learns what docs you are currently accessing the most and downloads them to your desktop or mobile device for you.

By only keeping documents you work with most often on your local machine/mobile device, your organization can ensure that security and permissions are tightly controlled and audit trails kept, yet not get in the way of employees getting their work done.

As a nice added security measure, Huddle also offers remote wipe. So say you have an employee who has downloaded a number of documents to his mobile, and has now left the company or had his mobile device stolen, you can reach out and wipe those documents from his mobile device.

Learning Opportunities

Cross-enterprise file sync is a very different and more complex challenge than personal file sync,” explains Alastair Mitchell, CEO, Huddle. “Enterprises have to sync not just an individual’s data, but that of everyone across the organization and make it securely available offline on multiple devices. On average, a document in Huddle is securely shared with 20 other people, making enterprise sync 20 times more complex than personal sync. Consumer sync tools are great for providing access to documents at an individual level, but they lack the security, scalability and intelligence required for the enterprise."

Sync it to the iPhone

One of the mobile devices Huddle now works with is the iPhone. It's the most popular device when it comes to creating enterprise apps as we've seen consistently.


Huddle iPhone Tasks

Note that the application's storage on the iPhone is encrypted and that all transmissions between the device and Huddle are encrypted at 256-bit SSL.


Huddle Recommended Files

As you can see, the Huddle iPhone App works with the new intelligent sync functionality and it also takes advantage of the iPhone's built-in features.

Huddle Intelligent Sync is currently available in private beta, so head over and get your name on the list. Then come back and tell us what you thought of it.