Email isn't dead right? Enterprise collaboration vendor Huddle acknowledges this and has provided a way for organizations to manage their email by integrating it with its collaboration platform.

Your SharePoint/Exchange Replacement

While many collaboration vendors are working on their Outlook integration, Huddle has chosen a different path, choosing instead to partner with VMWare's Zimbra. The idea is to provide an alternative to the SharePoint and Exchange combination.

By partnering with Zimbra, organizations using the Huddle collaboration platform can continue to use their email to read and respond to discussions around content (aka documents) that exists within Huddle.

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Mail Menu

So when you get an email notification that something has been said or done to a document, you don't have to leave your inbox and head over to Huddle to respond, you can do it right in your email. The response will automatically be added the related whiteboard, discussion, file or task.

Andy McLoughlin, EVP Strategy and Co-founder, Huddle says,

Over the last four decades, email has become engrained in businesses worldwide. Although we recognize that the workforce isn’t about to stop using email, it is vital that organizations have access to all enterprise information, including content residing in inboxes.


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The Huddle/VMWare Connector

Along with the integration above, you can now also save your email attachments to a Huddle workspace. And to go along with that, any recipients in the email can be added to Huddle teams and contacts from the Zimbra address book can be invited to join Huddle while you are in Zimbra.

Learning Opportunities

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Invite Contacts to Workspace

Some of you may call this "aiding and abetting" a platform (email) that simply needs to go away. Others are acknowledging "if you can't beat them, join them". The truth is, email is going nowhere, and if Huddle can help manage the chaos that email can lead to, then why wouldn't they.

Of course, while VMWare Zimbra is a good starting point, people are probably wondering when Outlook integration will arrive.

The connector needs to be installed by a VMWare Zimbra Collaboration Suite Admin, but once that's done, it is available in the Zimbra sidebar.