Huddle Updates Collaboration Platform with Single View of Files, Conversations
Content with conversations. That’s a key feature of Huddle’s new version of its cloud-based, enterprise content collaboration platform, released today. 

The new release provides a single view for users'  files, discussions and metadata. The new version, said CEO Alastair Mitchell in a statement, “is the first enterprise tool that brings together content, conversation and enterprise-level security.”

Huddle's 360-Degree View

Mitchell added that this “360-degree view” has helped the company’s customers reduce the time needed to find and share information by half, because discussions are “focused on specific content, knowledge is transmitted to the people that need it,” and productivity is increased.


New Huddle

The benefits of prioritizing content, Huddle said, include immediate access to files and in-app controls with single-click capability for searching documents, editing metadata, copying text, zooming and printing -- all without downloading a file.

There are also built-in workflows, so that tasks and approvals can be readily managed or assigned, and project progress tracked. Comments and notifications can now be directed at specific individuals or teams during conversations by using the @ symbol.


Sharing & Approvals

Versioning, Audit Trail

A complete versioning history is available to every user for every file, a granular audit trail allows all file views, changes, discussions or approvals to be tracked, and each user has control over who is granted permission to view or edit that user’s files. The company also pointed out that all document processing occurs within the app, so that sensitive data is secure.

The company noted that this release offers the latest in a string of product innovations throughout 2012, such as its intelligent recommendation technology and revised native apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Huddle cites corporate customers who praise the ability to interact faster with documents, a simpler approval process and the capability to immediately determine which file is the most up-to-date one and what discussions about that file have taken place.

Co-headquartered in London and San Francisco, Huddle said its intelligent, enterprise collaboration platform is used by Kia Motors, Diageo, and 80 percent of the Fortune 500 companies.