Software that intelligently delivers and syncs the most relevant files to your iPad. That helpful assist is a key feature in the new Huddle for iPad app, officially released today. 

The free iPad app for Huddle’s cloud-based enterprise content and collaboration platform automatically finds the most relevant files for a given worker, provides the latest version and, the company said, allows users to discover previously unknown content that could be helpful.

The release goes along with the recent Huddle iPhone app that offers much of the same capabilities.

Word and Excel Editing

Huddle CEO Alastair Mitchell said in a statement that Huddle for iPad “is the first mobile technology that satisfies the needs of both workers and IT.” He added that the platform combines enterprise content management with social collaboration, specifically for the needs of mobile employees.

The app integrates with QuickOffice, Readdle and Fileboard to enable mobile office productivity, as well as to address IT security requirements.

QuickOffice, which was recently acquired by Google, provides full featured Microsoft Word and Excel editing. Huddle has partnered with Fileboard so that live, Web-based presentations can be shared by sales and other teams. The built-in Readdle PDF Expert allows users to highlight text, take notes, sign documents and conduct other annotations in that file format.

Learning Opportunities

Favorites, Task/Approval Delegation

There’s also the ability to mark favorites for quick access, which means they are first in line to be synced, and tasks and approvals can be delegated to others, with deadlines and approvals managed within the app. Documents created or modified in the iPad app, or received as email attachments, can be saved directly to the Huddle platform.

Since the recommendation engine is making decisions about what files might be relevant for a given employee, IT departments could understandably have security concerns about that traffic. Huddle addresses that by providing granular permissions to control which employees have access to which files. For transmission and for iPad storge, files are encrypted with 256-bit SSL.

With co-headquarters in London and San Francisco, Huddle said that its enterprise content and collaboration platform is used by 80 percent of the Fortune 500 companies and 80 percent of the United Kingdom’s central government.