Calling itself "...the next logical next step in the evolution of social networking client applications," a social media aggregator App for the iPhone called Hudld from startup company SanctumSoft is gaining traction in the market, and ink from the press. With the promise of the power to manage social networking lives more efficiently, the software offers the ability to post and manage up to 60 social accounts (Twitter and Facebook) simultaneously using a centralized hub approach. That's one fluid timeline of Twitter and Facebook feeds with "...speed, usability and privacy at its core," according to Brian Ash, head of the Lubbock, Texas,-based SanctumSoft.

Social Networking is Outgrowing Us

Ash said over 82% of U.S. adults are active cell phone users, and emphasized the fact that social networking activity accounts for 50%+ of all mobile Internet traffic in developed markets. 

Without some innovation geared towards governing this activity over the various networks, we will not outgrow social networking, it will outgrow us to the point that so much of our activity is spread over various accounts, ever growing services and many more users coming in on a daily basis, that we could no longer follow along in any uniform time line or be able to mange or digest them efficiently. Especially on smaller personal devices where time, speed and usability grow increasingly more important to the end user."

To that end, the company is offering some impressive features to support both Facebook and Twitter accounts, including Facebook support for up to 30 accounts where you can

  • View your feed
  • View and edit profiles pages
  • View, respond and send direct messages, View likes and comments
  • Like / unlike posts and comments
  • Comment or delete a comment
  • Native photo, video, and web views
  • Upload photos
  • @name support
  • Albums, galleries, and single images
  • Friend lists, requests / notifications


Screen Shot 2012-03-13 at 8.12.41 AM.png
On the Twitter features side, you can: 

  • View your feed
  • See full profiles
  • Add up to 30 Twitter accounts
  • @ name and # tags supported
  • Reply
  • Retweet
  • Favorites
  • View, respond and send direct messages
  • Photo upload
  • Follow and unfollow
  • View replies (conversations) @mentions and Trending topics

Other Social Sites, RSS Feeds in Works

The company reportedly will be opening up to other social sites like Linked In and Google+, even RSS feeds based on the robust UI and company vision, according to Ash. “We started on the correct path from the beginning, and the potential for growth and additional features is practically limitless given the groundwork laid by the UI and the vision we have for the app and the understanding of our customers," he said in a recent article at Mashable. 

The ad-supported version of Hudld is available for download now, with an opt-in update that kills the ads for a fee coming soon.