Lotusphere throws up all kinds of new partnerships. One of them from this year’s event is between social media intelligence vendor MutualMind and Big Blue. As a result, users of Lotus Notes and Connections will be able to embed MutualMind’s Social Business Enterprise application.

The MutualMind Social Business Enterprise application is an OpenSocial 2.0-compatible application for embedding in-context, relevant and actionable social media intelligence with IBM enterprise-level platforms.

Embedded Social Media

Currently, many social media monitoring products are offered as SaaS and have remained outside enterprise application and workflow productivity applications.

MutualMind says is has changed this by offering an application that is embedded and aims to resolve the following problems:

  • Integrating relevant insights within collaboration tools, email, or activity streams in addition to personalizing them
  • Offering secure embedded experiences so users can interact with consumers without having to navigate to a separate application or window, or logging into a different account

Mutual mind.jpg

MutualMind: Embedded interaction in Lotus Notes and IBM Connections

IBM's Social Business Interest

As for IBM, building, or -- as in this case -- embedding technologies like this would appear to be one of its many interests in the social sphere.

There are two key elements leveraged in the collaboration between MutualMind and IBM.

Embedded Experiences: Enabling users to interact with notifications, and business processes dynamically and in context directly from a Lotus Notes inbox, corporate social home page or other container

OpenSocial Gadgets: Introduction of gadgets, dynamic web content that can be embedded on a web page, in a social network, or any OpenSocial-enabled application

While for IBM this adds another social application can work with Lotus Notes and Connections, for MutualMind it must be somewhat of a coup.

The company was only founded in 2008 and, based in Plano, Texas; it is already playing with IBM and Lotus Notes. If you’re interested in more, check out the video below.