Aiming to be a bigger player in the mobile collaboration and data market, UI and UX company Infragistics has snapped up SouthLabs, the developer of SharePlus, a leading SharePoint-on-your-iOS/Android/BlackBerry smartphone client.

SharePoint Data Wants to Be Free

Infragistics has spotted the enterprise rush from desktops to tablets and smartphones, and purchased developer SouthLabs. New York-based SouthLabs was founded in 2009 and created a smart SharePoint mobile client app. SharePlus (now up to version 2.7) has been downloaded over 500,000 times and helps IT departments offer a solution to turn SharePoint information and groups into a resource to be accessed and worked on from anywhere.

Infragistics plans to use its large sales and services organization to push SharePlus which is available in Lite, Pro and Enterprise versions. Infragistics already offers a range of business development solutions, including NetAdvantage for Visual Studio LightSwitch, a set of Silverlight-based tools, shells and themes for users and developers to build and share business applications.

With a slick user interface, SharePlus dramatically improves upon the mobile browser SharePoint experience while simple configuration makes it easy for IT departments to set up and manage, regardless of the user's choice of device.


SharePlus brings the SharePoint experience to any smartphone or tablet

Try it For Free

The Lite version is free and lets users read SharePoint documents offline and view e-mail, calendars, IM, video conferencing and shared documents by connecting to Office 365. The Pro edition (US$ 19.99) adds write functionality to shared documents on SharePoint, auto-sync of offline documents and more management features.

SharePlus Enterprise is the daddy of the family, with added security such as multi-factor authentication and remote swipe to keep company intelligence private.  IT can configure application settings once and push to all corresponding devices and enterprises can augment or trim features, with premium support.

Infragistics saw 30%+ growth last year and with this acquisition, should have little trouble beating that in 2012 as huge numbers of business seek to mobilize their SharePoint data. On the SouthLabs blog, the developers say they expect development to improve with its new parent bringing investment and greater exposure around the world.