Interact Internet has always managed to keep its intranet application up to speed with market trends. In June it added social capabilities to Intranet v5.1 in response to growing enterprise demands. In v5.2 which is being released today, it is adding intranet analytics.

Intranet Analytics

The release does not bring analytics to intranet platforms to analyze business trends, or customer behaviors, but uses analytics to...well to analyze itself.

That is to say that an enterprise uses it to analyze its intranet: assess intranet performance, compare it with other intranets of similar sizes, or intranets in the same verticals, identify problems, and suggest ways those problems might be fixed.

This, as far as we know, is the first tool on the market that actually does this using the Interact Analytics component, which also comes with an integrated benchmarking tool.

It enables enterprises to answer what business managers ask themselves everyday: Is our intranet being used, is it effective?

Given the amount of investment that is being put into intranets, and the fact that they are increasingly being used for enterprise collaboration on content of all kinds, this really is a fundamental question.

Without the ability to compare the performance of other intranets,  it is also a question that is being asked in a vacuum.

Interact benchmarking.jpg

Interact benchmarking

Interact v5.2

In practical terms, it aims to identify and eliminate out-of-data content, poorly authored content, badly developed user profiles and encourages secure content collaboration across the intranet.

Every intranet in the world faces numerous operational challenges and for many intranet managers, it can be a mystery as to why these problems occur. So we developed Interact Analytics with powerful tools that take the guess work out of why an intranet could be failing and provide statistical, hard evidence that can be quickly acted on, to guarantee a healthy intranet,” VP of Product, Simon Dance said.

The benchmarking works in real-time so that intranet managers can follow developments across the intranet as they happen, and target areas of weakness as soon as they are identified.

Interact warnings.jpg

Interact problem warnings

On top of this, it also suggests ways of fixing the problems as they occur, and identifies areas that are likely to become problems in the future. Other functions include:

  • Reporting: Daily intranet activity reports that outline data, device and problem flagging that is sent directly to the intranet manager’s inbox.
  • Profile Analytics: Analysis of profile pages to ensure that they are up to date and that other users can find suitable co-workers to resolve issues, or collaborate with.
  • Search Analytics: Shows what users are trying to find, what they found, and what they didn’t find.
  • Document Score: All documents on the intranet are scored based on enterprise criteria. The Document Quality Score ensures that content present on the intranet is the best available in the enterprise, and that it is useful for other workers.
  • Data over Time: Data analysis over time enabling enterprises to identify content trends.
  • Influence Score: Shows who is really using the intranet and who is paying attention to what is being said by others in relation to specific content. It encourages users to contribute to intranet content by content scoring.

The new version of Interact Intranet is available now.