Jive StreamOnce Connects Exchange, Gmail, Dropbox; Salesforce, SAP Soon

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Following the acquisition of StreamOnce, which was announced in the Q1 earnings at the end of April, Jive Software has already started releasing products around the buy. Today, it announces the release of StreamOnce that ultimately will bring a whole pile ofmajor business applications into a single place.

Jive StreamOnce

The new integrated technology, Jive says, has been built around the StreamOnce technology, which accelerates the metamorphoses of outdated email systems and collaboration tools into modern, business focused social platforms.

Using these platforms, knowledge workers will be able to work in truly collaborative environments that will be connected to all their business applications, all of which will be accessible from a single place.

The initial roll-out is limited enough in scope and only integrates Gmail, Microsoft Exchange and DropBox, but even if it does this successfully, it will be something.

However, the ultimate goal is far more ambitious and over the coming months Jive plans to enable usersto connect with systems like Oracle, NetSuite, Salesforce's CRM, SAP, SugarCRM and web information through Jive Anywhere -- and again all from a single place.

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Jive StreamOnce

StreamOnce Makes Email Collaborative

The Exchange module will be particularly useful for those still communicating and collaborating across the enterprise using email.

Learning Opportunities

Because it automatically maps email distribution lists into Jive, any user in the system can create a unified inbox in Jive where they can access both email and social streams from the one place.

For collaboration to be truly effective, it has to be done in the context of where people work and tied to real business activity. Collaboration platforms, other than Jive, are totally disconnected from other business processes and where people actually communicate…" said Oudi Antebi , senior vice president of product management at Jive.

And this is what Jive StreamOnce is offering once it has enables connections to all the business applications that are promised.

Jive Helps SharePoint Partners Connect

There is one other announcement from Jive today that is timely in the context of the ongoing developments around SharePoint 2013.

Jive has announces the creation of the new Jive Referral Program for Microsoft SharePoint enabling SharePoint partners to connect with Jive, enabling the exchange of data between the two systems.

Jive StreamOnce is available immediately as part of the Jive Spring cloud release. They join a long set of integrations provided by Jive, including Box and Salesforce.com.