Jive's Fathom: Free Social Media Monitoring Tool for Enterprises
Jive Software recently unveiled Fathom, a social media monitoring tool that lets organizations monitor and analyze social media conversations. The service comes in a free and premium variant, and is aimed at helping enterprises make the most out of their social media activities.

Now Everyone Can Keep Track of Conversations

Jive Software wants to empower organizations and individuals in terms of keeping abreast of conversations in social media such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and the like. Wtih Fathom, organizations can keep track of conversations, and likewise engage in these conversations as necessary. Part of Jive's social media engagement tools, Fathom comes in a free and premium variant, with varied features and levels of support.

The basic, free Fathom has some feature limits, including a limit of three saved searches per account and limited analytics, although the free version is meant to give analytics access to more people in an organization, as well as track conversations and updates from one dashboard.

Meanwhile, Fathom Pro costs US$ 49 per user per month, and comes with the following features:

  • The ability to create and save an unlimited number of searches
  • Searches can be shared among team members
  • Sentiment tracking within search results
  • See authors' Klout score to help determine social influence
  • A history of searches in the past 30 days, as well as analytics data up to six months

Furthermore, the Pro variant lets users interact with items in the activity stream through posting, replying, retweeting, Liking and adding as a favorite. Likewise, Pro users can connect their Twitter and Facebook accounts from within the Fathom Pro interface. Users can also export analytics data from Fathom Pro to a .CSV file -- something to which free users will not have access.

Free is Better?

Pro features aside, Jive believes that the free variant may be the best option for some users. Complicated and sophisticated features might result in a difficult user experience, and the company says the free Fathom may be enough for casual users or members of the organization who are not professional analysts. Meanwhile, higher-end users will appreciate access to deeper insights into the social media conversations.

Both Fathom and Fathom Pro will be available on Jive 5 through the Jive Apps Market. Users who add the app can monitor conversations on Twitter and Facebook, and blog content through the Fathom web-based dashboard. Meanwhile, conversations and analyses can likewise be shared through other members of the organization through Jive.