Jive's Social Business Platform Highlighted in Positive Q1 Figures
Actively engaging enterprise teams is something Jive is proving to be quite good at, and now its investors can see the proof in the company's latest earnings results.

If you're looking for a test case to prove ROI on social business, look no further than Jive, which increased its profits nearly 65% to US$ 14.7 million from US$ 9 million on the same quarter last year.

Slam-Dunk Figures

There were also plenty of other great figures, including an increase in total revenue year-over-year rising by 58% to US$ 25.3 million. Additionally, product revenue increased 60% year-over-year to US$ 21.7 million for the first quarter. Professional Services revenue increased 46% year-over-year to US$ 3.6 million.

While the numbers are good, Jive is poised to do just as well next quarter as more enterprise businesses move into the social business space. Notable here is Jive's latest release of its flagship cloud-based Social Business Platform, a product that has already added social features since its launch. Jive outperformed the company's expectations, and “the social business is nearing its tipping point," CEO Tony Zingale said in a statement.

Q1 Highlights

Highlights for Jive's first quarter look like this:

1. Flagship Platform Re-invented

Jive released its newest social business software with cloud-based features such as Try Jive for teams of 25+, Jive Anywhere for gaining access to any website with the Jive platform and Jive Edge that increases social intelligence using big data.

2. Social Intranet Solution

Social Intranet Solution also went live, and the collaboration tool makes intranets more social, but without sacrificing productivity.

3. Jive Gamification

Jive's Gamification release was the final piece of the social puzzle here, and all three of the new products helped the company to new heights in 2012.

With the help of these new systems, Jive will no doubt continue to be one of the most powerful social business vendors, if not the most powerful. We won't crown them just yet, but by the end of the year, that may have to change. Let us know in the comments if you agree that social business is at the tipping point in 2012.