Google App maker BetterCloud has debuted a new domain management tool to go along with a collaboration tool it released in February, and the company raised US$ 2.2 million in new seed funding to keep building even more.

BetterCloud released its DomainWatch security app in February, and now adds FlashPanel to help manage Google Apps and give teams more features like faster reporting and shared contact sync for mobile users.

New Tools

FlashPanel is a free app and is available in beta to the first 500 people who sign up. This summer, it will make its official Google App Marketplace debut. It offers several cloud management tools, some of which your company might just be hunting for:

  • Better Improved email monitoring
  • Google Groups administration
  • Easier user management
  • Better HR/organizational units management


Easily organize domains and Google Apps with FlashPanel.

Even if your company only uses a few Google apps, and that's what new research shows, FlashPanel could be the right solution for wrangling them together. While these kinds of tools abound in the Marketplace, and no doubt in the enterprise world as a whole, we like the minimalist approach to the UI and the low barrier to entry. Just looking at the above dashboard image lets us know the BetterCloud team is moving in the right direction.

Seed Funding

A new infusion of US$ 2.2 million should allow BetterCloud a chance to spend even more on making the products their customers are no doubt asking for. Additionally, company CEO David Politis formerly ran the small business group for Cloud Sherpas, Google's top enterprise partner in 2011. That means the company has a good handle on what, in particular, SMBs are looking for with Google Apps.

Although Google Apps are great for collaboration, the right tools can add so much more to that experience. To be sure, security is one of those tools, and with DomainWatch already out in the wild, BetterCloud has moved on to its management solution.

With two of the most important Google Apps segments now covered, BetterCloud can really spread its wings, and with the new funding, there's no doubt that's what they'll do. Look for the company's next release to be just as useful as FlashPanel and DomainWatch.

Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite Google Apps vendor or even what you think is one of the best Google Apps overall.