There’s no denying that the mobile workforce is a hot topic at info360. But it’s surprising to see how much traffic the tablet is getting. There are panels, sessions and exhibits dedicated to the tablet and how to integrate it into the enterprise.

Mobile Revolution or Transformation?

Whether it’s a means to get work done from airplanes and public restrooms or to take by the corporate meeting, tablets are being put to work in a variety of places. While this isn’t terribly surprising, it does speak to the consumerization of IT and the challenges it presents to IT, security and information management.

Backlash against BYOD is mounting and panel discussions like the one Alfresco Mobile presented called A Tablet Transformation a Single Solution to a Communal Problem are either fueling the fire or fanning the flames, depending on what role you play. The communal problem is that either employees are bringing in tablets into the enterprise, or you've given tablets to employees but it's next to impossible to get work done on them. 

Mobile Adoption v. Mobile Demand?

However, even if you have mobile devices and people to use them, getting them to use your particular app or mobile workflow may not be as easy. Adoption plays a big role. Adam Pisoni, CTO at Yammer spoke about this during his keynote in which he declared “Adoption is the New ROI”. Just because you’re now mobile, doesn’t mean that the same processes will suffice. It needs to be simple and precise so that business users aren’t wasting their time trying to complete fairly common tasks. Of course, adoption isn't just about the user experience, it's also about cost and integration. 

Learning Opportunities

The Real Cost of Mobile

Ryan McVeigh, VP of ECM for Zia Consulting presented two startling statistics during the Alfresco tablet panel discussion:

  • 1,030,032,000 = number of users in China that have mobile device
  • 65% of new iPads go to Enterprise users

Whether you’re trying improve adoption among customers or employees, these two stats should light a fire under your mobile business initiatives. If you're not moving in the direction of mobile, you could be risking a lot more than just relevance.

We look forward to talking with vendors at info360 to learn more about the challenges and rewards that embracing mobile can bring the enterprise. In the meantime, if you have any questions you'd like to ask, tell us in the comments or tweet us on Twitter using #info360.